Monday, March 22, 2010

Help Sponsor Our Events!

Becoming a sponsor for one of our events is easy and beneficial for you and your business! Not only will you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside for supporting a worthy cause - but you'll be getting some amazing exposure in return.

Service Soapbox is a unique platform for potential advertising. Because we are a network of bloggers who collectively reach hundreds of thousands of viewers per month, your business has the opportunity to potentially be seen on over 60 blogs, and will receive recognition on multiple social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Support can come in many different forms. Here are some ideas for supporting the Service Soapbox Bloggers as we support worthy causes:
  • Locations are always needed for hosting future events! Reception halls, gardens, restaurants and other meeting halls are always on the top of our event planning list. Planning meetings, socials and fundraisers will all need donated locations.
  • Catering for events! Any form of a donation in this department is always welcome. From a tray of cookies from a local bakery for a planning meeting to a full spread for a fundraiser, we welcome all donations.
  • Decorations! Making our events as beautiful as possible increases the enthusiasm for future projects! Local florists, Party Supply retailers and any other potential donor can help add to the events atmosphere by donating services and supplies.
  • Prizes! This is the easiest way for the majority of us to become sponsors. Our projects always include virtual components in order to encourage non-local bloggers to participate. Gift cards, store credit and products are always needed to use as reward incentives.
  • Monetary donations. Donations to the specific cause we're supporting are always gratefully accepted! Cash donations can be donated directly to the chosen cause. Cash donations are also welcome to help support the planning phases of our events.
In return a link to your business may be displayed on our Service Soapbox blog, on posts promoting the event, and on post-event wrap-up posts. Depending on the degree of sponsorship, some sponsors will also receive recognition on the blogs of many our participating bloggers and at the event itself.

Thank you so much for your potential support. We can't do this without your help!

Please contact the following directors if you'd like to support Service Soapbox:

** Please label your subject line "Potential SSB Sponsor"

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