Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen - We Have a Location!

On Monday night I found out the location I was planning to use for the bloggy brunch had fallen through, and after attempting to book a few other locations (using our budget of zero dollars and zero cents along with our wondrous time frame of zero advance notice) and hitting roadblock after roadblock, I was nervously trying to figure out how many people would fit into my family room.


I was fooling around on Twitter and tweeted my dismay thusly:
"Was planning to host Saturday's blog brunch at a friend's reception center but now they've booked a last minute something or other. GAH."
Within SECONDS, the Blue Lemon (@blue_lemon) restaurant in Highland (only a few minutes from my house!) tweeted back, offering their banquet room for our brunch.


I couldn't announce it earlier because they had to check their calendar, but it's all set now.

Thank you so much to the Blue Lemon for jumping in and saving the day.  They normally charge for the use of their lovely banquet room, but are letting us use it for free.  If you are on twitter, please tweet them your thanks - they've really charged to our rescue and I've promised them we'll be like a little twittering, blogging goodwill army.  

So here's the info:

What: Utah Bloganthropy* Brunch
Come get to know other local women / bloggers (blogger speed dating - oh so nerdy and delicious), and then help us start planning an exciting online and real world service project - so we can all use our online platforms (PLATFORMS - SO FANCY) to do a little good in the world.

Date: Saturday, February 20th

Time: 10AM - 12PM

Location: Blue Lemon Restaurant Banquet Room (second floor)
11073 N. Alpine Highway, Highland, UT 84003

What to bring: A few cans of food for the Utah Food Bank and your enthusiasm (or as much as you can muster up on a Saturday morning), and a brunchy treat if you are so inclined.

What NOT to bring: YOUR CAMERA.

(Oh, FINE, you can bring it. Just don't expect me to be happy about it if you point it in my direction.  I'm still really fat. And I doubt you will bother to photoshop out all of my chins and wrinkles.)

(Question:  If bloggers have a brunch and it isn't captured on film, DID IT ACTUALLY HAPPEN?)

If you would like to come but haven't already RSVPd, you can sign up below, shot me an email or tweet letting me know you're planning to come.  Or you can just show up. (Although you might not get a name-tag that way.)  (THE HORROR.)

(You don't have to have a blog to come, by the way.  We enthusiastically accept all humans, even the social media impaired.)

Questions? Email me at suelikestoblogandwastetime at gmail dot com.

Hope to see you there.

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